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Financial Services

Patronage understands that not every organization has the means to carry out all of its financial management functions. Our foolproof system will help you keep track of your accounts.

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Tax Planning

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Internal Audit


Our bookkeeping services are second to none. Driven by industry experts, our team has extremely skilled and accomplished professionals for bookkeeping with the assurance to serve your business at the maximum level.

We offer a three-tiered approach to develop and maintain your company's overall financial processes and management.

Let us handle your bookkeeping for you: 

Assigning Tax Rates

Reconciling Transactions

Formulating Invoices

all at our one stop shop. Patronage’s services are ideal for small and medium-sized companies that enable them to focus on what they did with peace of mind about their finances.



We understand the specific procedures and functioning of your company and importance of its integration with accounting. Patronage is here to relieve you from the critical but hectic task of  managing accounts and free up your employees to focus on revenue generating.


Our experts help you in making most out of your existing system but also counsel on progression of the same so you can improve the internal control and minimize accounting related risks.


At Patronage, we offer complete accounting services which deal with your developing business. 

Further, we can assist organizations boost their functioning with our professional financial advisory services for you to attain precise and prudent economic reporting.

Unlike traditional accountants, Patronage caters the needs of your company regardless its size  and scale since we actually understand the industry and are totally on your wavelength. We ensure the data is updated, accurate, and filed correctly by evading unwanted penalties or surprise tax bills, letting you to focus on making the most of profit and mounting your business.

Tax planning, preparation, submission and compliance

Work with us to take the stress and hassle out of your taxes. Regardless of your business model, our straightforward tax planning services are fair and rational, so you only pay for the level of support required. We offer as much or as little assistance as you need, operating alongside your existing team or providing a full outsource service.

Patronage has years of experience, expertise and a team of highly qualified tax accountants which allow us to provide the exceptional tax return services to toe the companies working in competitive cooperate sector. 

Our tax planning accountants will assist you with

Calculating your tax Liability

Preparing your Annual

Tax Return

Submitting and Claiming your Corporate Tax Return

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Providing extensive advice on tax planning

to minimize the annual tax returns while keeping in compliance with the legislation.

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Budgeting and Forecasting

If you are looking for a specialized service for budgeting and forecasting, look no further than Patronage. We create and walk our clients through monthly or quarterly budgets for their business, to ensure all finances are on track and locate possible inefficiencies. Our qualified experts deliver financial and strategic guidance to make sure your business hits its financial commitments.







happens to be crucial components of an organization’s performance management.

A company with efficient budgeting and forecasting is more likely to achieve accurate financial analytics, which will bring a competitive advantage against other companies. The more accurate are the reports and analysis, the more proficiently a company is likely to perform.

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Specialists at Patronage plan and catalyze the budgeting processes so finance teams can swiftly and efficiently yield budgets and forecasts, create what-if circumstances and produce reports by statistical analysis.

Internal Audit

A strategically organized internal audit function plays a pivotal role in assisting the management in achieving their business goals.


For large and small companies alike, we propose highly suitable internal audit functions – from conducting a comprehensive risk assessment across the organization, to reporting findings to the authorities, and other stakeholders.


We not only identify issues, but also work with all stakeholders to address the challenges and put the suitable controls in place. Patronage’s internal audit experts use a forward-looking, industry-fluent approach to assist clients address evolving risks, rationalize business processes and reinforce internal controls.

We prioritize resilience while minimizing disruption. As organizations face diminishing resources and other challenges, Patronage provides a value-added extension for your internal audit capabilities, aiding identify and alleviate risks and ensure effective internal.

Whether you need to expand your in-house internal audit team, or are looking for an outsourced solution, you can always count on Patronage for comprehensive strategies, progressions and suggestions achieve the organization’s strategic objectives.

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