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How Can Patronage’s Legal Services Help Your Business?

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Thinking about starting a business? You might assume that starting a business wouldn’t require more than the basics that everyone knows. First one is The demand for a product or a service & Second is Meeting that demand by creating the product and offering the service.But that’s not all. When you take your business idea and try to implement it in the real world by forming a company, you discover that it’s easier said than done. What you need to consider are the legal requirements that the government authorities impose on a business. What does it mean by that, you ask? It involves legal services like company formation and company secretarial services.

Corporate rules, regulations, and laws are complicated to understand and comply with. That’s why Patronage offers expert-level outsourced secretarial and company formation services for your business and provides legal assistance.

Why Should A Business Outsource Legal Services?

You already have a lot on your plate when forming a company, and there are limitations when it comes to legal accuracy. Hiring an organization that has industry-related knowledge will help put your mind at ease so you can focus on other aspects of the company. The consultants will design the legal framework for your organization according to your business needs. Next comes the process of getting your company registered and it is one of the most time-consuming, nerve-wracking processes ever.

Outsource Legal Services

The experts at Patronage perform several tasks to keep you wary of that. These tasks include keeping in step with market changes, updates or modifications in the law, tax reforms, and any other updates from the authorities like SECP, FBR, and other regulatory authorities.

Other than that, there are also certain kinds of certificates that you have to acquire depending upon whether your company is private or public. All of this falls under the category of legal services that your company needs to outsource. Our consultants advise you to opt for the best possible route for your company.

What Is A Company Formation Process?

Company formation is an intricate process that is filled with legalities. There are so many steps that you have to take before your company is fully functional. There exist some external forces that can affect your company formation process. You have to consider them too. These forces or factors are:

● Political Conditions

● Economic Conditions

● Technological Factors

● Cultural Environment

● Supplier

● Domain

● Stakeholders

● Regulatory Authorities

When forming a company, all these factors play a vital role in generating revenue for your company.

How Does Patronage Help You With Its Company Formation Services?

Company formation can be an arduous procedure for novices and inexperienced individuals. Many entrepreneurs come to know this term when they try to start a new business. It entails producing documents necessary to register a business. These documents provide information like:

● Company name

● Address

● Memorandum and articles of association

● Directors & partners' details

● Business activities

● Statement of capital, etc.

All these documents seem simple enough to produce. But the twist comes when one of these documents does not comply with the regulatory obligations. For example, if your chosen company name is already in use by another business.

Company Formation Services

Here’s how Patronage helps your business with company formation:

Choosing A Name

Naming your company is one of the most important factors in corporate laws. Patronage helps make sure that your company’s name is available and does not have any copyright labels attached to it.

Filing An Application

Taking the nature of your business into account, Patronage correctly files the application form on your company’s behalf.

Registering A Company

At Patronage, we draw up legal documents containing all the necessary information required to register your company. Our experts comply with all regulatory requirements and make sure that your company gets registered without a hitch.

Filing Details Of Directors, Partners, And Shareholders

Our experts ensure to correctly file the details of your company's directors, partners (if any), shareholders, and any other people with influence. This is to inform the authorities about the people and/or companies affiliated with your business and to avoid any liabilities regarding potential threats.

Producing Bank Statement

Our team helps set up the account in the company's name and provides the bank statement details to complete the registration process.

Drawing Up Documents

The experts at our company draw up documents of legal importance like employee contracts, certificates of incorporation, and documents of commencing business.

What Are Secretarial Services?

A company’s secretarial services include all the administrative tasks that ensure an organization’s success. They can range from taking phone calls, setting up meetings, and noting down the minutes of meetings (MOM) up to more critical tasks such as acting under the law and legislature of the country and being ready for audits, etc.

How Does Patronage Help Your Business With Company Secretarial Services?

The following are the reasons why your business needs Patronage for outsourced secretarial services:

Compliance With The Law

Our consultants will make sure that your company stays in compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. With our expertise and knowledge, we can help your company stay away from all the legal liabilities. All the legal formalities such as registration at the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) or other provincial boards like Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA), Sindh Revenue Board (SBR), Balochistan Revenue Authority (BRA), and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Authority (KPRA) and other regulatory authorities is taken care of.

We will take care of your day-to-day activities by handling all your tasks on time and without any hassle. In a rapidly changing world, our organization helps you develop:

  1. Skill sets

  2. Talents

  3. New and creative ideas and,

  4. Capital

All these things build the capacity of your organization and help it to thrive in a world full of competition.

Developing Business Plans

Here at Patronage, our consultants develop business guides for your organization that will help you achieve business goals faster and in a smooth manner. You share your ideas and our experts document them and tell you how to execute them within the guidelines of the law.

Stay Ahead Of Legal Matters

Our experts will provide you with extensive insight to stay ahead of legal matters and implement the performance methods best suited for your company.

Maintain Records

Every company has to keep some registers that maintain the records of its directors, shareholders, board of members, shares, employee stock options, and other important information. These registers have to be maintained in addition to accounting registers. Our highly trained professionals will save you both the time and money required to maintain these records and will stay on top of everything related to organizational activities.

Collecting And Making Payments

Our professionals will make sure to work according to your financial plan. They will make and receive payments on time and you will not have to worry about lodgement of payments. This will help straighten your account statement and keep your books clean.

Peace Of Mind

The most important benefit that an outsourced secretarial services organization provides is peace of mind. You will never have to worry about doing anything illegal. Our professionals will be there to guide you every step of the way and you won’t have to be concerned about paying a fine ever again.


Patronage aims to help your business grow by revolutionizing corporate secretarial services and helps you form a company that meets all the statutory requirements of your region. Here at Patronage, we deal with all the paperwork required to get you the licenses and certificates that you require to start your company. Further, to help you run that company smoothly we also offer secretarial services so that you only worry about where to spend and not about how to manage it.

Connect with Patronage today for the best company formation service and corporate secretarial services. It is as easy as dropping a line at:

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