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Why Outsourcing Human Resource Services to Patronage Is In Your Best Interest?

Human Resource Services

Human Resource Services: An Explanation

Human resource services refer to an organization’s management of its people. In an organization, usually there is an in-house human resource department to carry out these services. Human resource services can be the backbone of every organization. These services manage the employee life cycle of all the employees working in that organization. Some of the main functions of the HR services include:

● Recruiting and hiring employees

● Deciding their compensation and benefits

● Training employees

● Reviewing employee performance and ensuring that they are working towards organizational goals

● Ensuring workplace safety and employee satisfaction

● Ensuring that organization is compliant with labor laws

Human resource services play an essential role in the growth of any business. These services ensure that the workforce is performing its duties timely, the organization is staying compliant with the laws, and the company is working towards achieving its set goals.

Functions Of Human Resource Department

Every business needs an HR department to acquire new talent, train them, develop them and evaluate their performance. The HR department provides you with the time to focus on other core organizational activities while they are choosing the right candidates. If you are a small organization that does not hire new employees often, you can outsource HR services on a need basis.

Organizational success is directly proportional to employee productivity and satisfaction and that is what a human resource department ensures. It keeps your employees motivated to perform better and add value to the organization. One of the most important functions that an HR department performs is ensuring that the organization is adhering to local and federal employment laws.

Functions Of Human Resource Department

Only a competent human resource department with the right skills and knowledge can fulfill these responsibilities and ensure workplace harmony, employee satisfaction, and organizational development.

What is Human Resource Outsourcing and Consulting?


Human resource outsourcing is the procedure of hiring an external organization that will perform your organization’s human resource duties for you. You can hire a third party to either perform all the tasks or some specific tasks on your behalf. There are different types of human resource services available. You can choose one that best fits your business needs and outsource it.


HR consulting services entail hiring a third party who will evaluate your organizational activities, prepare an analysis and advise you regarding the following things:

● What should you change?

● Which departments need improvement?

● What are the weaknesses and high-risk areas of your organization?

● What human resource models would work best for your organization?

● What workforce issues is your organization facing and how can you resolve them?

● How to meet organizational goals?

● What techniques to use for employee performance management?

The difference between HR outsourcing and HR consulting services is that consulting services provide you with a roadmap while outsourcing services take you to the destination.

Importance of Outsourcing HR Services for Small and Medium Organizations

Small and medium enterprises already have limited resources and spending them on an in-house Human resource department requires an additional budget. Outsourcing human resource services will help small businesses reach their goals while being economical.

Importance of Outsourcing HR Services for Small and Medium Organizations

When you hire a third party, you can tailor the contract with them according to your organization’s budget. It means you won’t be spending extra and will only be paying for the services you acquire. You can also hire HR consulting services instead of HR outsourcing. The human resource consulting services will provide you with the best recommendations on how to improve your business without interfering in the decision-making process.

Outsourcing human resource services will help your organization with:

● Administrative functions

● Employee retention and detention

● Payroll management

● Employee benefits and incentives

● Employee performance management

● Organizational development

● Occupational health and safety

● Compliance with labor laws

● Compliance with Taxation laws

Why Patronage is Your Best Choice for Outsourcing Human Resource Services?

At Patronage, we have a team of dedicated experts who will implement HR best practices for your organization. We provide both HR consulting and outsourcing services. Patronage offers the following human resource services:

HR Strategy

HR strategy is a business guide that includes the plans and procedures to overcome obstacles and meet your goals. At Patronage, our HR consultants come up with strategies keeping in mind your organization’s structure. Our team implements these strategies to ensure that your organization has the perfect candidates to perform the job.

HR Compliance Management

HR compliance management is a process of creating organizational policies that comply with the government and labor laws of the country. Our experts have full knowledge of the standard employment laws and authorities that govern these laws. They will guide you through all the legal obligations when drafting new policies and updating the old ones.

Employee Payroll Management

Payroll management is a process to manage your employees’ salaries, wages, bonuses, pay raises, pay deductions, etc. Patronage’s team of HR consultants help you perform the following:

● Build a payment policy for your employees

● Decide which employee deserves a pay raise or a bonus and how much you should reward them.

● Calculate tax and send the employees their salaries after deducting the required taxes

Employee Compensation and Benefits

Every organization compensates their employees for their services and provides additional benefits to them for their hard work and loyalty. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to manage these while staying within your resources. Patronage’s experts help you plan your employee benefits according to their position in the company and compensate them without going over the budget.

Organizational Development

An organization flourishes by encouraging an environment of a healthy employee-employer relationship. Patronage's HR services help you build your organizational culture and transform it into an environment that is diverse, free of discrimination, and productive. Our experts create a framework that boosts your employee satisfaction and in turn, helps you achieve organizational goals.

If you want to avail these services, contact us today at

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